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Elevate Your Tax Due Diligence with TaxNow

In today's fast-paced lending environment, having efficient access to timely and accurate information is crucial. TaxNow opens the door to insightful tax dashboards and insights, providing lenders a deeper understanding of both prospective clients  and existing borrowers’ current and historical tax positions.

Navigate Decisions with More Confidence than Ever

While financial statements, copies of tax returns, and credit scores offer a glimpse into a borrower’s financial wellness, they don't paint the complete picture necessary for assessing creditworthiness. Dive deeper into the financial landscape with TaxNow, offering income verification, tax account dashboards and insights, and industry-leading monitoring and alerts. Elevate your decision-making confidence by accessing a more comprehensive set of real-time tax data, ensuring you make informed and accurate choices in the lending process.
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How it works

How does TaxNow supercharge your due diligence?

Real-Time and Continuous Tax Account Monitoring

Say goodbye to the waiting game and eliminate guesswork. Gain immediate access to borrower’s tax account information with daily updates and alerts, providing real-time insights throughout their entire lifecycle with you as a valued partner.

Elevate Income Verification

Uncover a deeper understanding of your loan applicants' financial stability by surpassing basic income verification. Get a comprehensive 10-year retrospective view providing you with insights that enable a thorough assessment of the borrower's long-term ability to fulfill their financial commitments.

Tax Metrics and Analytics at Your Fingertips

Acquiring client data is one thing, but obtaining rapid analysis on their tax health and history of compliance is the key to informed decision-making. With a 10-year look back and current IRS data, our platform provides you quick and comprehensive metrics and analytics. Equip yourself with the tools needed to make precise, well-informed decisions that drive success for both you and your clients.

Tax Resolution Services

Leverage our team of IRS tax experts to address tax issues including lien subordinations, offers-in-compromise, and other IRS matters.

Boost Decision-Making Efficiency and Confidence with TaxNow

As the financial landscape continues to evolve, so should your approach to decision-making. TaxNow isn't just a tool; it's your partner in navigating the intricacies of lending. 

Why settle for glimpses when you can have the full picture? It's time to make decisions with unwavering confidence. Ready to reshape your strategy?