Frequently Asked Questions

Is TaxNow secure and encrypted to protect my data?
Yes! TaxNow uses industry best practices in encryption for data at rest and in transit. Customer data is tightly controlled with appropriate access controls.
Do I need a credit card to sign up?
No, TaxNow basic features are available to everyone who signs up. However, to unlock TaxNow+ features, payment is required.
What does my CPA need to know about TaxNow?
TaxNow doesn’t replace your CPA, TaxNow is not preparation software. TaxNow allows you the ability to provide more information more efficiently to your CPA. Doesn’t that sound like a win?

Be sure to tell your CPA to stay tuned because coming soon we will introduce TaxNow Pro. TaxNow Pro will give your CPA (with your authorization, of course) access to your tax account directly, making their job just a bit easier!
Will TaxNow only provide information and monitor my business account for ERC activity?
No, TaxNow will actively monitor all your tax account activities while providing meaningful alerts. With TaxNow you can access your entire tax account history, going back 10 years.
Why do I see zeros or no value in some of the categories on my dashboard?
There are a couple of reasons why some categories on your dashboard have no value or show zeros.For businesses organized as pass-through entities (i.e. S-Corps and Partnerships) or nonprofits, no income tax liability value will appear.For some EZ-ERC clients, we are updating your Form 8821 on file with the IRS. So, please hang tight, more data will appear when the IRS updates Form 8821 accordingly.
What are TaxNow offerings?
TaxNow offers a range of solutions tailored to meet the needs of our diverse group of users. Our levels are designed to provide tax transparency for all users at the level they need.

TaxNow: Ideal for individuals who desire to gain insights into their personal IRS tax information, basic TaxNow users get access to instant alerts and a comprehensive dashboard. This level is designed for a single user and can only be tied to one personal or business account.

TaxNow+: Our most popular offering, TaxNow+ is ideal for business owners who want to access IRS data for their business and personal accounts, all in one convenient location. With access to the basic features, TaxNow+ users can track up to five accounts in one dashboard, the ability to share their tax data with approved viewers, and premium user support.
Can I only sign up for one account per email?
No, we are excited to announce that TaxNow+ includes multi-account access.
Can I merge my individual and business TaxNow accounts?
Absolutely!  TaxNow+ comes with multi-account functionality letting you to merge multiple accounts seamlessly.
What do I do if I’m notified of an audit?
We understand audits are stressful! However, being well-prepared can significantly ease the process. Here are some steps we advise you to take while navigating through an audit:
  • Consult Your Tax Preparer: This is the first and most important step. You need their guidance and expertise during this journey.
  • Identify What is Being Audited: Is this personal or your business? What years are being reviewed?
  • Assess Your Potential Issues: It’s essential to be proactive and identify what potential issues that may arise. Take time to identify your strengths and weaknesses and gather all supporting documentation.
  • Good news: TaxNow makes pulling your tax documentation simple. Just login to your TaxNow account and pull the account transcripts for the years under review. That’s right – we have your back. When pulling these transcripts, keep an eye on a few dates:
- When you filed
- When you paid your taxes
- When 420 and 424 codes hit your account
What if my payroll and income tax filings are under two or more different EIN?
No worries, with TaxNow+ you can manage multiple accounts with a single login.
How long does TaxNow take to receive IRS approval on my account?
The processing time usually ranges from 2-10 days, depending on the current IRS processing time. However, TaxNow is actively exploring a new approval process which would be near-instantaneous. Stay tuned!

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